Captain's Message

Captain's Message

A welcome message from our current Ladies & Mens Captains

Captain's Hugh and Mary would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members a great year of golf.

It’s an honour and a privilege to serve as Captains for 2019, and we shall endeavour to carry out our duties in a professional and warm manner. We would like to thank you for your good wishes and offers of support for the coming year.

We appreciate sincerely all who have agreed to be on committees including managements, men's, ladies' and sub committee's to ensure the smooth running of the club throughout the year and your co-operation with them is greatly valued.

The staff within the Golf Club are to be applauded for their dedication and commitment in helping to ensure the high standard that is continuously evident year after year. The Club boasts a wide range of facilities and opportunities, from green fees to open competitions, from our proshop to our clubhouse with its bar and catering facilities.

The course itself is something that we are hugely proud of due to its excellent standard. We would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and commitment, ensuring that high standards in all areas of the club are maintained.

A special word of thanks is to be given to the people working behind the scenes in the upkeep of the Golf Club who rarely get a mention but who play such a important part.

In 2019, we would like to encourage all members to continue to enjoy their time with the club and to get more people involved in playing and enjoying the game. We hope current members will encourage friends, family, former members and colleagues to join the club. Our golf pro provides professional lessons for beginners and is available to help all members develop their skills. We extend a warm welcome to visitors to our club. Nenagh Golf Club offers visitors a wide range of facilities and opportunities and we look forward to seeing you during the 2019.Lastly a massive thank you to all our sponsors for there generosity each year. Enjoy your 2019 golf season.

Hugh and Mary.