Course Guide

Course Guide

Take a tour of the course and see our pro tips for playing each hole

1st Hole
A drive left of centre gives best approach (by avoiding the need to carry the green side bunker on the right…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
2nd Hole
If you are big hitter then take line over small fairway bunker on left for your tee shot. For the rest, the…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
3rd Hole
Big hitters can open their shoulders and aim on right corner of the left fairway bunker to give best approach…

Mens Par 5Ladies Par 5
4th Hole
Risk and reward for big hitter’s very tough tee shot when using driver (take a tight line hugging the left…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
5th Hole
A tough driving hole as anything to far left for big hitters will be blocked if you don't clear the last…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
6th Hole
This par three has one of the toughest greens on the course, raised and severely sloped (with three different…

Mens Par 3Ladies Par 3
7th Hole
A drive to the left side of fairway from the tee gives best angle and view to go for green in two. If your…

Mens Par 5Ladies Par 5
8th Hole
A miss right will make for a difficult up-and-down due to the slope of the green, especially if you catch the…

Mens Par 3Ladies Par 3
9th Hole
This hole presents little trouble off tee (only out of bounds running left in the woodland) so big hitters…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
10th Hole
The right side of the fairway gives best approach to this severely sloped two tier green from back to front.…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
11th Hole
Another tough green for a par three with many different slopes back to front, left to right, front to back…

Mens Par 3Ladies Par 3
12th Hole
Reachable Par 5 dogleg left, cut off as much of corner as you dare , with out of bounds left ,will leave mid…

Mens Par 5Ladies Par 5
13th Hole
Tight driving hole the further you go up the hole so take caution if using driver, safe play is fairway wood…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
14th Hole
Big Hitters can take line for the green to leave a short pitch to this green on this slight dogleg par 4,…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
15th Hole
Long hole Par three green well protected on all sides so be positive with swing as missing green long…

Mens Par 3Ladies Par 3
16th Hole
Drive down left side of fairway and it will work its way back to centre of fairway and leave you best…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 4
17th Hole
Drive right of centre of fairway and move ball slightly right to left is perfect drive at this Par 5 if going…

Mens Par 5Ladies Par 5
18th Hole
Great finishing hole, Big hitters can drive up left side to the corner or even very risky try to go over…

Mens Par 4Ladies Par 5